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About Us

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Leo Monney has over 45 years experience in the car audio industry and for 40 of those years, Monney Car Audio has been serving the Bay Area’s needs.

An avid aerobatic flier, Leo’s logged thousands of hours in many different types of airplanes. He currently flies a Comanche 260C for business and pleasure.

You’d be hard pressed to find our good Yelp reviews, because Yelp filters almost all of the good reviews out and has refused to allow most of them through unless I pay them to do so. I refuse to pay them so my online reputation on their site suffers as well as countless other small businesses. Yelp claims this doesn’t happen, but a quick look on Google will show you otherwise.

What Our Customers are Saying


“I bought my system from these guys over two years ago, just recently my tweeter stoped working. When I bought the stuff, I got a guarantee that if any of the speakers ever blew he would replace it. Just like they promised, i had my stuff fixed and I was back on the road in 15 min. ( and I blast my music- two years, no problems). This guy is Honest.”

*Jeff S. via Yelp


“Everything is cheaper online now, we all know that, and if all you want is to save a few bucks - Go Ahead. I want the service and convenience of a local store. If there is a problem, they are there to help”

Jo via Yelp


“I read all the reviews and owner responses (very important) and didn't really know what to expect, but found myself out of time and options and went to Monney.
I was immediately met by Leo and graciously appraised of the options for my daughters Jeep. He was extremely sincere, professional and made a very cost effective and reasonable recommendation."

Mark D via Yelp